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Daisychain Benevolent Fund Trust

Registered Charity 1127100

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Join us and be part of a large group of volunteers helping your local community. For urgent vacancies, please see the bottom of this page.

The shops rely on members of the public volunteering their time in assisting us to successfully run the shops and fundraising events. Volunteers complete a variety of activities within the shops including, sorting of donations, customer care, shop floor work, display and many more. Retail experience is not essential, as training is provided.

If you have a spare morning or afternoon each week ask at your local shop for current volunteering opportunities.

Volunteering can really improve your confidence, help you get out and meet people and to make new friends, whilst doing a worthwhile job in your local community.

For those wishing to pursue a career in retailing, valuable experience and free training to NVQ level is also available in all shops.

" Helping a great cause whilst having fun really makes my day"  Georgina from our shop in Bath Road, Cheltenham

Sweet Charity by Doraine Potts, Volunteer.

The popularity of fundraising charity fundraising shops is hardly in doubt. The opening of our very own, in Bishops Cleeve, has been a huge success, judging by the comments of those who come through the door. (Of these comments, my favourite is 'how nice it smells!'') In our family we have been charity-shop browsers for many years classical vinyl records, fine china, oven-proof dishes that still have their lids, toys for the visiting grandchildren, good quality clothes and much, much more.
However, it was not till I volunteered to serve in one that I began to reflect on exactly how much good such shops do. Do I hear you say "well of course, stupid, they make money for charities, don't they?" Indeed they do, but they keep people happy in all sorts of other ways. Take the donors, for instance. They have the pleasure of clearing out all the stuff they don't need and haven't got room for. They have the glow of satisfaction which comes from knowing that they are not wasting anything, that they are not adding to the piles of waste which go to landfill, and that some unknown buyer will be made happy by purchasing what has just been discarded. All this contentment, even before you get to the charity donation.
The customers have their own levels of satisfaction. Some are happy just to browse, and come in daily to do so. Some come in to chat and to exchange anecdotes about the serendipitous finds they have made in such shops over the years. Some are serious hunters for specific items and their joy is infectious as they swoop on the object with the cry that's just what I was looking for!'' The sheer contentment of finally finding the cup, saucer, milk-jug, or whatever, which matches what you have broken at home, is an unbeatable feeling.
Happiness spreads and those who are lucky enough to work in the shop are among its beneficiaries. To see contented customers, if you are on duty at the till, is only part of the pleasure. Out back, where the donations are sorted, freshened up, labelled and priced, it is good to be working with people who give their time and energies freely, who turn their hands willingly to whatever job needs doing and who are friendly and unfailingly cheerful. Of how many work-places can that be said? In the business world they recognise the concept of "value added. In a charity shop, that value is immeasurable.

Current Volunteering Opportunities at Daisychain Benevolent Fund

We need help in our Shops at

Evesham, please ring 01386 443474
St Johns Worcester, ring 01905 748820

We also urgently need help in our Head Office:
Driver, one day a week,  T 01905 739087 ext 201
Christmas Tree Festival helper, T01905 739087 ext 205
NB Head Office is located on the 2nd floor - no lift access
For other opportunities call into your local Daisychain Benevolent Fund shop.

If you are interested in joining, please call into your nearest shop or contact us at our Head Office. Our contact details can be found under the  'Shops' or 'Contact Us' pages.

Your help will be very much appreciated!