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Gift Aid Your Donations.


Gift Aid means Daisychain Benevolent Fund Trust can reclaim Tax that you have already paid and add it to your charitable donation. It is worth an extra 25p for every £1 you donate.


When you donate to the shop you may be asked if you would like to GIFT AID the items. You will then be asked to complete and sign a declaration form.


By completing the form you are agreeing to the following terms:

  • Information about the Gift Aid Scheme was available at the shop on the declaration form and our website.

  • You pay UK income or capital gains tax to the Inland Revenue at least equal to the amount that we reclaim on your donations in the appropriate tax year and that you the donor is responsible for any tax shortfall.

  • You wish Daisychain Benevolent Fund Ltd to act as your agent in selling your goods and disposal of any unsold items and subsequently giving the proceeds as a donation to the shop.

  • You would like Daisychain Benevolent Fund to claim tax on all donations you make on or after this date.

  • You are not acting as a business in bringing goods in for sale to any of the shops belonging to Daisychain Benevolent Fund.

  • Daisychain Benevolent Fund will write to confirm that we will be reclaiming the Gift Aid back on your gift aid donation.

  • Only if the proceeds exceed £1000 will the donor be offered to reclaim back some or all of the  surplus amount over £1000.

  • Daisychain Benevolent Fund reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time, and treat your donation as a normal non gift aid donation.

  • We may write to you about other events, If you do not wish to be contacted please indicate by ticking the box.

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